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lifestyle shot of an adult mother and her teenage daughter as they walk down a path

MANAGE OVERWHELM IN 5 EASY STEPS! For Moms of teen/young adult daughters with High Functioning Autism/Asperger’s

-Life can be stressful and tough to handle at times.

-Learn to handle overwhelm. Calm your anxiety. Manage your confusion.

-All in a five simple steps!

-Be your best self—as a mom, partner, friend…in every part of your life!

Testimonial from client, Gloria L:
Paula Strom REALLY helped me not only in dealing with a pubescent child with Asperger’s, but also in dealing with my own feelings… validating me and helping me remember that my own self care is EXTREMELY important. I’ve lost 30 lbs., and my child is doing MUCH better. We as caregivers often forget self-care which not only affects us, but also our dealings with our often difficult-to-understand children. Our feelings ARE valid and important. I highly recommend her services to everyone who cares for a child with disabilities. It truly does help.

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